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Consulting Services

AUCHEMY Harmonious Energy Method

AUCHEMY Harmonious Energy Method is a practical application of the life mastery model.

Effectively enhance consciousness, transform low-frequency energy of individuals and the environment into high-frequency positive energy, balance the energy of thoughts, emotions, body and spirituality, produce changes from within, achieve harmony and unity with the external environment that influences each other, inspire maximum potential, and achieve various life and business goals.

It takes a blend of Eastern and Western approaches to address the specific needs of its clients.

As the saying goes, (1) fate (2) luck (3) feng shui (4) accumulating good karma (5) study.

The life mastery model consists of three parts: heaven, man and earth. The goal is to achieve the highest state of unity between heaven, earth and man, that is, to have the right time, right place and right people:

Heaven - innate influences, such as destiny (cosmic laws, natural disasters, weather), (3) Yin Feng Shui of the ancestral tomb, (1) fate (time of birth, original family) - cannot be chosen and controlled.

Human – Acquired internal/external influences, such as [internal] (2) personal fortune, (4) Accumulating good karma (personal thoughts, subconscious, emotions, behavior, practice), (5) study (learning and feedback), [external] collective subconscious/social environment, the ability to choose and control.

Earth – Acquired external influences, such as [external] (3) Yang Feng Shui (residential and commercial locations), (2) Feng Shui Cycle (geographical environment and time), which cannot be chosen but can be controlled.

The natal Bazi chart is the blueprint of your life set at birth, but it is revised as you grow up, your thoughts, your choices of behavior, and changes in the external environment. Using a common metaphor in metaphysics, your life is like a cup of fixed size, which is only half filled with water. If you can further understand yourself and environmental factors through vibrational science, fortune-telling, Feng Shui, and Qimen, and add your own practice and efforts to increase good fortune and reduce bad luck, that is, maximize benefits and reduce losses, then you can fill the cup with water in full. If you can use tools such as spirituality and beneficial energy to increase your energy and consciousness level in a high dimension, you can even maximize your potential to expand the size of your original cup and fill it with more water!

Consultation services include:

Five arts services:
Feng Shui and harmonious environment energy balancing design for commercial/residential properties, business metaphysics, fortune telling (Four Pillars/Purple Star Astrology), divination (Qi Men Dun Jia), date selection and name change, etc.

Results Coaching Services:
Life & Business Coaching

1. One-to-one coaching and/or consulting service

2. Tailor-made to suit your personal or business goals

3. Regularly check your progress and priorities to make sure you are on track

4. Activate energy for you and solve environmental energy Feng Shui problems, including visiting your home or office

5. Choose a date and formulate a suitable Qimen strategy for you, so that you can go to auspicious places for things such as interviews, meetings and dates, etc., absorb more dynamic beneficial energy, and enhance your consciousness, your own energy and luck, so that you can achieve twice the result with half the effort.

6. If you have any questions, you can ask at any time and get appropriate support

I have a diversified international business background. I have worked in a large investment bank and co-founded a Hong Kong securities company before. I am also a certified management consultant with rich practical experience. I can use Qimen Dunjia, Fengshui, Radiesthesia (Vibrational Science) and coaching techniques to provide specific and effective solutions. I am particularly experienced in business, investment, immigration and further education, harmonious environmental energy and self-improvement. Clients are spread across China, Hong Kong, the United States and Canada.

Let me help you discover your potential, achieve your goals and reap the fruits of success through a tailor-made strategy model.

Other Services:
Five Arts and Quadrivium Training 

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