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Have you ever felt burnt out to achieve your goals with so much physical effort and mind power?


Have you been struggling with lower energy and emotions, especially when you felt like your energy was drained by the environment and people around you?


Do you feel disconnected with the natural environment?


The good news is that there is a much easier and faster way to achieve your goals using the unlimited free energy already existed in space.


When you go by the cosmic rules to align with the natural flow of energy, manifestation becomes more effortless.


Introducing…  AUCHEMY

What is AUCHEMY 4-3-2?

Auchemy 4-3-2 is a harmonious energy method developed by Master Au.

Auchemy is derived from his last name "Au" and the word "Alchemy". Au is also the symbol of gold in the periodic table of elements. Alchemy is an ancient chemistry studied and philosophical practice that aimed to transform base metals into gold, find a universal cure for disease, and discover a means of prolonging life and achieve spiritual enlightenment as well as inner transformation. 


It is a practical application of the Heaven, Earth, Humanity and Divinity as One profound concept rooted in Chinese philosophy.


In Chinese we called it "天地人神合一" .


"The unity of heaven, earth, humanity, and divinity" expresses the harmonious and unified relationship between all things in the universe.


"Heaven" refers to the laws and order of the natural world, "Earth" refers to the natural environment in which humans live, "Humanity" refers to individuals as living beings, and "Divinity" refers to supernatural forces or the spiritual realm.


This worldview believes that as part of nature and society, humans should conform to the Dao (the Way) of heaven, and harmoniously coexist with all things in heaven and earth, achieving the perfect unity of humans with nature and society. This reflects the ideal of the seamless integration of the universe and the unity of humanity and heaven as One or Oneness.


Through self-cultivation and spiritual refinement, humans can achieve spiritual communication and fusion with heaven, earth, and divinity, thereby attaining wisdom and inner peace, and realizing our highest potentials and the harmony of humans with the universe. This is the highest realm pursued by humans with both free will and oneness.


A simplified version is called  "天人合一" . The English translation is the "unity of heaven and humanity" or "heaven and humanity as One."


It represents the harmonious integration of the natural world (heaven) and human beings (humanity).


It emphasizes the interconnectedness and interdependence between humans and the larger universe.

4 Levels of AUCHEMY

Etheric Level 天


Western 4 elements - AIR

Chinese 5 elements - Water

Align with the natural flow of energy which has specific rules (Time)

Go with the universal laws


Physical Level 地


Western 4 elements - EARTH

Chinese 5 elements - Earth & Metal

Management of energy in their living and working environment (Space)

Connect with our natural environment


Emotional/Mental Level 人


Western 4 elements - WATER

Chinese 5 elements - WOOD

Management of energy in yourself including your thoughts, emotion, actions and people.

Create synergy and minimize conflicts in human relationship.


Spiritual Level 神


Western 4 elements - FIRE

Chinese 5 elements – FIRE

Life Purpose with meaning and contribution.

Life is not just about you, you can grow and contribute by helping others and impacting more people.

Connect with everything else in the universe as One.

3 Major Energy Centers

Human beings have 3 major energy centers (or Dan Tian in Chinese, Chakras in Indian Yoga) in their bodies. The three dan tian are:


Lower Dan Tian: Located about 1-2 inches below the navel.

Middle Dan Tian: Located in the middle of the chest, around the heart area.

Upper Dan Tian: Located between the eyebrows, in the forehead area.


The cultivation and balancing of energy within these three dan tian is believed to be important for physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Techniques like meditation, breathing exercises, and qi gong are used to cultivate and harmonize the energies of the three dan tian.


The lower dan tian is seen as the foundation, the middle dan tian as the heart/emotional center, and the upper dan tian as the spiritual/cognitive center. Bringing these three into balance is a key goal in many Taoist and Yoga practices.

2 Complementary of Opposites

We have two complementary opposites in nature like female and male or night and day. Whenever you take an extreme position in either side, the universal intelligence will tend to balance you by going on the opposite side. As a result, you will attract the opposite energies in people and events around you so you will become more neutral. Your outside world is responding to your inner position and creating a sense of balance.

The 9 Principles of AUCHEMY

Principle #1


Everything in the universe is interconnected with one another and we called this Oneness.


Principle #2


There are cosmic rules that govern the universe and these laws of nature include law of duality, planetary orbits, four seasons, physics and life blueprints, etc but there are also individual free will eg thoughtforms and collective consciousness which also influence the outcomes.


Principle #3


We are living in the world of duality (or two polarities Yin & Yang). Alchemy occurs when two complementary opposite polarities come together like a Venn diagram to create synergy and transformation, which can also open up portals to higher dimensions. When we are centered with an equilibrated mind, we can maximize our human potentials.

Principle #4


Since human beings live between heaven and earth, we have constant interactions and energy exchanges with the environment as well as people around us, regardless of whether we are conscious of or unconscious of it. You are always resonating with things and people with similar vibrations or frequencies.


Principle #5


Everything is energy and energy is the key for manifestation in the physical world, so by harnessing and managing your lifeforce energy and energy in your environment, you can achieve your goals faster and more effortless.  (Energy Management)


Principle #6


There are patterns of creation around the universe in all scales, like spirals, sacred geometry in nature eg water structure and in human body, eg lung and tree roots. With sufficient energy and information, orderly structures can be formed.


Principle #7


When we are in a harmonized state and environment by aligning with the natural flow of energy (or go with the flow/trend) to build a momentum, we can get into the flow state easier and longer and achieve our goals much faster and more effortlessly.


Principle #8


We are in the age of information overflow and many of the esoteric teachings in Chinese metaphysics and Western vibrational and spiritual science are kept in secret by a small group of people. It is extremely difficult for laymen to choose the exact accurate information they need. Therefore, managing information is another key to success. (Information Management)


Principle #9


Always feel lucky and the universe has your back. People tend to work harder, longer and stronger and more importantly have a genuine interest and passion for their work, which leads to higher intrinsic motivations contributes to higher job satisfaction and overall well being at the individual. When your life purpose aligns with that of the divinity, you can achieve your highest potentials.

My mission is to reveal to you this missing link (or key to the vault) between ordinary and extraordinary by understanding the universal or cosmic intelligence and the rules of life, so that you can unlock your human potentials.


After 20 years of research and practice, I found vibrational science is the key to connect the dots between the physical (physics) and non-physical (metaphysics) to create the art of balance. I would like to make these esoteric teachings more accessible to the public.

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