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Radiesthesia - Part 1

It is a natural tendency of the mind to find out the cause and explanation of any phenomenon. Actually, in Radiesthesia (or vibrational science about energy and radiation), it is only facts that are of primary importance.


Aristotle differentiated physics from metaphysics. It would seem that Radiesthesia takes an intermediate place between the two. By reason of its obvious similarities with the elements and laws of classical physics, gravitation, light, heat, electricity, magnetism and Hertzian waves, Radiesthesia is closely linked up with the group of sciences which studies the laws and forces of Nature. On the other hand, owing to certain results which might be regarded as supernatural, the apparent disproportion of the means employed, and the mysteries associated with it which it is not yet able to elucidate, Radiesthesia appears to be concerned with the suspect domain of forces transcending those of Nature. Among radiesthetists, I have observed two tendencies. Some, endowed with a really scientific temperament, see and seek in Radiesthesia a new branch of the physics of waves and radiations. Others, possessing psychic and metaphysical tendencies, attracted by the wonders of occultism, aim at linking up Radiesthesia with phenomena of abnormal hypersensibility or spiritism.

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