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Diseases - DIS EASE

People have diseases (or dis ease) when they are separated or polarized. When there is distortion of pattern behind formation, you have diseases or problems. Our evolution is to go back to oneness and order. Spirituality has many meaning and it means different things for different people – you are not alone and separated from everything else. Modern science including western medicine, emphasizes on reductionism – we can only see parts but not synchronicity of the whole. According to the second law of thermodynamics, in a closed system if you do not add energy into it, it will become disorder over time (“entropy”).


My discovery – bridge between science (such as physics) and spirituality (metaphysics) thru vibrational science. Subtle energy and beyond (sometimes called higher planes/dimension) are the keys for manifestation. Modern society got it wrong and has it backward. It focuses on visible material science (effects) rather than the invisible energy (causes). When we have higher energy, we can have clear mind and thoughts which lead to better emotions, actions and hence results. We need to have an equilibrated mind to transcend reality. Human beings also need to evolve and become more self aware and supersensible and give unconditional selfless love and compassion.

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