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Free Clubhouse Talk

May 22, 2021 (Saturday)

10 -11 AM (Hong Kong time)

Some friends have watched Xuan Lai’s recent YouTube video about immigration and want to know more, so I will be holding a talk on Clubhouse for the first time on May 22 (Saturday) from 10am to 11am Hong Kong time. Come and chat!

Five Arts Lecture - Mysterious Reason: Where is the Best Place to Immigrate? "Immigration" continues to be a popular search keyword. Hong Kong people holding BNO can immigrate to the UK, Canada, Australia, Taiwan and other places... If you want to immigrate, which direction should you go to?

Mysterious Reason #2 Where is the best place to immigrate to⁉️

Topic: Clubhouse Five Arts Lecture - Which type of people are more suitable for immigration? Which countries are good to go to? Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, or Taiwan?
In this one-hour Clubhouse Talk, Master Au will share with you:
Use metaphysics such as Bazi, Qimen and Fengshui to help you think and analyze this important life decision from multiple angles! Welcome everyone to join the discussion!

Friends who are interested in immigration, please don’t miss it!

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