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Sun, Jul 14


Zoom Meeting

How Can I Become More Lucky

Topic: Free online lectures - Auchemy 4-3-2 Vibrational Science Series

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How Can I Become More Lucky
How Can I Become More Lucky

Time & Location

Jul 14, 2024, 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM GMT+8

Zoom Meeting


About the Event

Free Online ZOOM Lecture - How Can I Become More Lucky?

 Registration is now open for the July 14  (Sunday) 9 pm - 10 pm lecture

 We will be holding a free ZOOM online lecture!

 Hello everyone, it has been a long time since I launched any courses or lectures! The reason is that I have been focusing on integrating the traditional wisdom of the five arts and four arts of the East and the West and modern energy science that I have learned over the years to develop a complete set of applied science, Holistic Applied Science - Auchemy.

 In February 2024, we have entered the ninth period (2024-2043), a relatively turbulent era. Many people are suffering from psychological and mental distress, but at the same time, it is also beneficial to the development of mind, body, spirit and energy. At the same time, AI and machines are developing very fast. On the surface, technological progress brings benefits, but in reality, it will make humans more and more distant from nature, reduce the right brain function of humans, and increase the negative effects of radiation and electromagnetic waves.

 Have you noticed any changes like this?

 Modern science and environmental protection have gone in the wrong direction, such as focusing on the development of radiated electromagnetic waves, but forgetting the upward subtle energy such as Qigong, Feng Shui and higher-dimensional spiritual energy.

 Many friends know that I have been teaching numerology and environmental energy science for many years, and have also been practicing all over the world. I will introduce my latest research that I have integrated over the years, using vibration science to cooperate with personal development, metaphysical techniques to enhance your own energy, and also provide effective personal and business solutions to help everyone achieve their goals faster and overcome difficulties easily.

 The lecture content includes:

 Digitial Detox: Stay away from and reduce the use of radiation and electromagnetic products, and spend more time in the natural environment, especially energy attractions.

 Vibrational Healing: Introduces alternative vibrational healing, helps us effectively choose the food and nutrients that are suitable for us, and uses different methods to cleanse our own energy and enhance life force energy.

 Environmental Science: Harmonize the environmental energy, create a good feng shui and a strong energy field for your home and office, and even turn it into an Energy Power Spot that benefits not only yourself but also others!

 Personal Development: How to test personal development, positive thinking, and spiritual methods to see if they have a real positive impact on yourself, thereby achieving your life goals!

 Although different people may have different experiences and reactions, some people can see, hear or feel the energy, and those who have just come into contact may not feel anything special, but in fact all invisible energies can be measured through objective vibration testing. My experience is to be open-minded, cleanse your own energy, relax, and then use different methods to practice the sense of qi and learn, and you can do it!


 • We will work with you to discover your untapped potential to improve your health, relationships, career and financial development.

 • One-stop shopping - Bringing together the best practices from masters around the world, so you can get the resources you need in one place.

 At the same time, you can ask any related questions you have, and we will answer them one by one!

 Please click + number of people and check out to register

 To register or if you have any questions, please email See you then!

 Email: , WhatsApp +852 6052-4585

 Instructor Profile:

 Stephen Au

 Life Coaching, Business Strategy & Environmental Consulting

  •  Proficient in financial education, coaching, numerology and induction mechanics, etc.
  •  Received joint coaching courses from Tony Robbins and Cloé Madanes
  •  Worked as an investment banker on Wall Street, Hong Kong and Singapore, and co-founder of a Hong Kong securities firm
  •  Northwestern University/Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Joint Executive Master of Business Administration
  •  Columbia University, USA, Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Mathematics, and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
  •  Certified instructor of UK ICU Academy
  •  Founder of Five Arts Forum
  •  Founder of Our Life Mastery
  •  Life Mastery Journal Author

 In addition to being able to analyze customer problems from multiple angles and provide effective solutions, Master Au is also a rare polymath in the industry with a degree from a world-renowned university, a business background, and proficiency in many Eastern and Western arts, energy, and personal development. Master Au has developed a comprehensive set of Holistic Applied Science - Auchemy Harmony Energy Methods to help you start from the most basic, inspire your thinking, talent potential, and use the mind methods and energy tools integrated by different masters to execute your priority goals faster and more effectively.

 Mr. Au has been repeatedly verifying and researching in the local and overseas for more than 20 years, and has studied finance and business education with world-renowned teachers. The total tuition fee has exceeded HK$2 million!

 There are so many items for you to count:

 Kellogg-HKUST Executive MBA tuition fee is over $1,000,000

 ​Tony Robbins tuition is over $300,000!

 Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert Kiyosaki's tuition was over $200,000!

 Dr. John Demartini's tuition is over $200,000! !

 Mindvalley tuition is over $100,000!

 Vibrational Science tuition is over $100,000!

 Dr. Donny Epstein's tuition is over $80,000!

 Pranic Healing – Spiritual Business Management, Kriyashakti, Pranic Feng Shui, etc. Tuition fee is over $60,000!

 Dr. Joe Dispenza's tuition is over $60,000!

 ​T. Harv Eker Quamtum Leap tuition is over $50,000!

 Keith Cunningham's 4-Day MBA tuition is over $50,000!

 Jon & Missy Butcher Lifebook tuition is over $40,000!

 And much more….

 I hope everyone will join the discussion!

 The maximum number of participants is 100. Please register in advance. First come, first served!

 Everyone, please click the link below to register now!

 Terms and Conditions

 - The maximum number of participants is 100. Please register in advance and it will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

 - The company reserves the right to change the date and time.

 - Participants may transfer their rights to participate in the event to other persons.

 - Detailed terms and conditions


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