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Tue, Oct 03


Zoom Meeting

Mandala I Ching Thinking Method and Application Course

Topic: Controlling Finance Series - Mandala I Ching Thinking Method and Application Want to break out of the current thinking and dilemma? Help everyone to make life and business plans more easily, and implement customized goals, such as finding a more ideal job, partner, expansion direction and investment opportunities, etc., to make more money. Suitable for people who have no foundation in I Ching and numerology, including entrepreneurs, sales, brokers and administrative personnel Everything in the world can be expressed by Yi Xiang, and the Nine Palaces is actually a model of the universe. When your own experience and thinking are combined with the I Ching and Luo Shu Nine Palaces to use, there will be incredible results!

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Mandala I Ching Thinking Method and Application Course
Mandala I Ching Thinking Method and Application Course

Time & Location

Oct 03, 2023, 7:00 PM – 9:30 PM GMT+8

Zoom Meeting, 22/F, New World Tower 2, 16-18 Queen's Road Central, Central, Hong Kong


About the Event

Master Course - Mandala I Ching Thinking Method and Application

On-site and online ZOOM

Three sessions, 7 hours in total

October 3 (Tuesday) 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm Onsite

October 5 (Thursday) 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm Onsite

October 15 (Sunday) 3 pm - 5: 00 pm Online ZOOM Q&A

Address: 22/F, New World Tower 2, 16-18 Queen's Road Central, Central

Course registration is now open

Introduction video of Mandala I Ching Thinking Method

Have you ever made a life or business plan? What were the results?

Have you ever heard of divination, such as I Ching divination, Feng Shui, Bazi, choosing auspicious days or Qi Men Dun Jia?

In fact, rational logic, intuition and I Ching thinking can be combined to increase creativity, help decision-making and implement plans more effectively!!!

As the Ninth Luck 2024-2043 is coming, grasp the trend, improve your thinking ability, decision-making ability and luck, and increase your chances of success!!!

In March this year, I visited Koyasan, the sacred place of the Shingon sect of Japanese esoteric Buddhism, and was greatly inspired. I developed a system that combines Chinese numerology, Japanese Mandala Nine Palaces thinking method, and Western personal development and financial education. It is called Mandala I Ching Thinking Method and its application (Magic Square Applications). This is a unique and comprehensive thinking, creation and decision-making system that can help everyone make life and business plans more easily, and implement self-set goals, such as finding a more ideal job, partner, expansion direction and investment opportunities, etc., and make more money.

The Mandala Nine-square Grid Thinking Method is a thinking and creative tool based on the mandala. The mandala is a geometric figure commonly seen in Buddhism and Hinduism, representing the structure and balance of the universe. Dr. Hiroaki Imaizumi gained inspiration from the Tibetan mandala and the Vajra mandala, and established the Nine-square Matrix and the radiating divergent thinking model diagram.

The first person to promote the mandala thinking method was Hiroaki Imaizumi of Japan. He brought back the mandala from China during the Tang Dynasty from Master Kukai of Japan and successfully deciphered the wisdom code hidden in the mandala. Its meaning is based on the Nine Palaces Matrix, 8×8 radiating divergence, and quickly generates ideas from all directions. I found that it is very similar to the concepts of Luoshu Nine Palaces, I Ching Tai Chi Bagua and the derived sixty-four hexagrams, and they can complement each other. The magic cube/magic cube or the Nine Palaces is actually a kind of cosmic model. It has existed all over the world since ancient times! Using my improved mandala I Ching thinking method, you can jump out of the linear logical thinking that usually cannot come up with good ideas, and expand your thoughts in all directions and easily generate good inspiration. What is more important is how to choose the priority of the items in the mandala plan after filling it out, and then execute it!

Life is actually made up of a series of important decisions. Do you want to have better creative ideas and decision-making ability?

AI artificial intelligence is bound to replace many stereotyped jobs. If you don't improve yourself in time, learn the mandala I Ching thinking method and its magic cube/magic cube or Jiugong application of this universal intelligence UI, you will soon lose your competitiveness! The eighth luck (2004-2023) in Feng Shui belongs to the earth and will pass quickly, while the ninth luck (2024-2043) belongs to the fire and is about to come. In the rapidly changing environment of the future, do you want to know how to equip yourself?


1) Explain how to create your own prosperity formula and use the mandala I Ching thinking method to stimulate the potential of the right brain, and plan the eight major aspects of life from multiple angles, such as money, career, health and interpersonal relationships.

2) What is a magic cube or a nine-square grid? How does it relate to the I Ching, Tai Chi, Bagua, and Chinese numerology such as Luoshu Plate, Nine-square Flying Stars, Nine-square Flying Bo, Qi Men Dun Jia, and Zhai Ri?

4) Use EXCEL, PDF or APP templates to create a personal or corporate mandala plan, including the value of living (IKIGAI), priority values and the six major needs of human beings

5) Application examples include: choosing an industry, investment project, having a helpful noble person, favorable location and time, etc.

6) Learn Qimen Single Palace Divination

7) Find out the lucky directions for the current year and the person’s fate, such as Lu, Ma, and noble people.

8) The ninth luck and 2023-24 are favorable for wealth, literature and promotion


• We will work with you to create and achieve your life goals, especially in terms of business and finance.

• One-stop shopping - Bringing together the best practices from masters around the world, so you can get the resources you need in one place.


• Create a WHATSAPP group to facilitate continuous communication before and after class. You can ask any questions you have! Priceless!

•Control of the birthday journal valued at $128

OOOSH ONLY BONUS: Pay and register before 3PM on September 23

• Feng Shui masters can predict your fortune for eight to ten years. You can verify the predictions of the past three years and make your own judgment! Online Master Course Recording - Master of Destiny 2020 (July 26, 2020) with data, worth $1200

•Discuss the future trends of Hong Kong's Grand Xuan Kong Feng Shui and the Three Yuans and Nine Yuns:

- Interpretation of the Flying Star Chart for Hong Kong and Hong Kong Island

- Based on the Feng Shui San Yuan Jiu Yun zero positive urging rules, teach you how to find a property for self-use or investment

- In-depth analysis of the global trends of the Ninth Cycle

Please click + number of people, pay and check out to register

If you choose automatic transfer, please email or Whatsapp us the receipt after payment.

Bank Name: The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited

Bank code: 004

Branch code: 165

Bank account number (HKD): 819285-838


To register or if you have any questions, please email See you then!

Email: , WhatsApp +852 6052-4585

Instructor Profile:

Stephen Au

Life & Business Strategy Coach

  • Proficient in financial education, coaching, numerology and induction mechanics, etc.
  • Received joint coaching courses from Tony Robbins and Cloé Madanes
  • Worked as an investment banker on Wall Street, Hong Kong and Singapore, and co-founder of a Hong Kong securities firm
  • Northwestern University/Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Joint Executive Master of Business Administration
  • Columbia University, USA, Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Mathematics, and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
  • Certified Financial Risk Manager
  • Certification Management Consultant
  • Certified instructor of UK ICU Academy
  • Founder of Five Arts Forum
  • Founder of Our Life Mastery
  • Life Mastery Journal Author

In addition to being able to analyze customer problems from multiple angles and provide effective solutions, Master Au is also a rare polymath in the industry with a degree from a world-renowned university, a business background, and proficiency in many Eastern and Western arts, energy, and personal development. Master Au has developed a comprehensive set of mandala I Ching thinking methods and its magic cube/Nine Palaces application system to help you start from the most basic, inspire your thinking, talent potential, and use the mind methods and energy tools integrated by different masters to execute your priority goals faster and more effectively.

Mr. Au has been repeatedly verifying and researching in the local and overseas for more than 20 years, and has studied finance and business education with world-renowned teachers. The total tuition fee has exceeded HK$2 million!

There are so many items for you to count:

Kellogg-HKUST Executive MBA tuition fee is over $1,000,000

​Tony Robbins tuition is over $300,000!

Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert Kiyosaki's tuition was over $200,000!

Dr. John Demartini's tuition is over $200,000! !

Mindvalley tuition is over $100,000!

Dr. Donny Epstein's tuition is over $80,000!

Pranic Healing – Spiritual Business Management, Kriyashakti, Pranic Feng Shui, etc. Tuition fee is over $60,000!

Dr. Joe Dispenza's tuition is over $60,000!

​T. Harv Eker Quamtum Leap tuition is over $50,000!

Keith Cunningham's 4-Day MBA tuition is over $50,000!

Jon & Missy Butcher Lifebook tuition is over $40,000!

Blair Singer

Eric Edmeades

Peter Sage

Bob Proctor

Dean Graziosi

Shen Lim

And much more….

I hope everyone will join the discussion!

The maximum number of participants is 100. Please register in advance. First come, first served!

Everyone, please click the link below to register now!

Terms and Conditions

- The maximum number of participants is 100. Please register in advance and it will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

- The company reserves the right to change the date and time.

- Participants may transfer their rights to participate in the event to other persons.

- Detailed terms and conditions


  • Energy Exchange

    Original price $4,000, $2,800 before September 28, $3,500 after September 28

    Sale ended



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