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Key to Unlocking Potential6 Common Types of Intuition

The potential of human beings can be unlocked by awakening intuition. But what is intuition? According to the study of world-renowned energy healing expert Dr. Bradley Nelson, intuition is our ability to receive and understand divine inspiration, universal intelligence and truth. There are several types of intuition, the most common types are knowing, seeing, feeling(emotionally), sensing(physically), hearing and speaking.

Knowing is when you just know. You don't know how you know. You just know. It is logical, and it makes sense to you. These people tend to be less emotional, not always but they would be if this is a prominent gift. They are also very good in a crisis. Natalie Nelson, the daughter of Dr. Bradley Nelson, has knowing as one of her main gifts. She is so good in a crisis that at the age of 14, she helped her mother to give birth to her brother. These people are prone to headaches. That is how their body responds to them and how their body communicates to them when something is going wrong.

Seeing is another type of intuition. These people have a lot of mental pictures, visions, dreams and daydreams. They tend to visualize problems and solutions literally and/or metaphorically. They will say things like, "Well, it looks like...." You may find yourself in fact saying that and that may show this is your gift even if you have not realized it. These people are visual learners and they tend to see energies, auras and things like that. A common problem for someone with this gift could also be headaches.

The next type of intuition mentioned above is feeling. These people understand via feelings and it makes them very emotional. They will be able to really feel what other people are feeling, so they are likely to have more ups and downs emotionally. They tend to be empathic or empaths. By feeling the feelings of other people in a very powerful way, they can become overwhelmed easily by emotions. That can cause you to shut down if that is your gift. Natalie Nelson mentioned that she has even known people that became very agoraphobic and didn't want to go out because this was just too strong.

The key is to work on calming that reaction. If this is a problem for you and you feel it is too much, it is because you are imbalanced as you are resonating with negative things from others. The more cleared out you get, the more balanced this can be for you and then you can understand people without having this problem. People with this type of intuition are capable of connecting with others on an emotional and spiritual level. It is a very wonderful and beautiful gift. You just need to make sure that you are balanced with it.

The next one is sensing. This one is when your body feels the messages. Natalie Nelson has a little bit of that and she shared a story in a recent talk. One day, she was working in Dr. Bradley Nelson's office, Dr. Bradley said to her, "Hey, I need you to come in and be proxy for your cousin Matt. He's got a problem." She connected up with her cousin and all of a sudden, she yelped because she felt knee pain. Then Dr. Bradley said that was Matt's knee and they were working on it. That is how your body feels the messages coming through.

If this is your prominent gift, when you're sitting next to a client and you want to work on them, you may, all of a sudden, feel knee pain. That may mean that they have got something physical going on with their knee, or it may be metaphysical. For example, that may mean they have got a problem with authority. You might be able to tell that because that is the metaphysical connection there. Therefore it is nice to know all those metaphysical connections because you can intuit that, or you can understand what those messages mean.

Unfortunately, more stress for these people equals more body pain. But again, this is something that you can work on. The more imbalances you clear, the more emotionally healthy you get, the less body pain you will experience when under stress, and the less stress you will have.

Hearing is another gift, it is words or sounds in the mind. Natalie Nelson knows an American woman whose intuition comes through in the voice of a lovely English woman. You can call it the conscience, the inner voice, whatever you want to call it, but it really comes through via the ears. It is verbal and through sound. These people tend to be talented musicians and speakers. They also tend to be great listeners and auditory learners.

Next type is speaking. It is a way to receive information and auto-process. Natalie Nelson recalled that a long time ago, she was working with Dr. Bradley in his clinic, doing a session on someone's belief system. Dr. Bradley was trying to coach her, "Just spit it out. Just say it." Natalie thought that was not how she works, but she noticed that it was his gift as these people auto-process things into words, without knowing it or feeling it emotionally first. They tend to be very talented with words. They can be over-communicators, so they may need to censor themselves.

How many types of intuition can we have? In fact, we have all of them but most people have got one or two main ones. We can in fact strengthen the ones that we choose to strengthen. By awakening our intuitive intelligence, it is possible for us to reach our greatest potential, knowing the most common types of intuition is a good way to start.

ATII Awakening the Intuitive Intelligence short videos and introduction:

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