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Awakening the Intuitive Intelligence - Level 2 Online


Class 1-8: Every Sat from 9:00 am to 11:00 am Hong Kong Time

1. Strengthen the energy of the three dantian, and develop more inherent superbrain functions and perspective abilities

2. Learn how to use Superbrain Conscience to take photograph. Practice how to use

Photographic memory for art painting. Cultivate children's imagination and artistic creativity.

3. Learn how to see through human aura, meridians, emotional energy, chakras, and negative connections

4. Learn how to how determine real antique using clairvoyance or clairaudience functions

5. Develop clairaudience to communicate and find out the causes of physical illness, accidental injury, and negative emotions.

6. Learn self-transformation of emotional energy, remove negative connections, self-healing, set protective shield, self-protection, the role of emotional energy, the efficacy and mobilization of color, exercise inner vision ability, frequency modulation to live a healthy and happy life.

7. Learn how to heal animals

8. Learn how to heal plants

9. Learn the application of etheric hand, activate inner wisdom and superbrain functions, and develop superbrain computer function for calculation

10. Imagery for improving school performance, self esteem and self healing and Child meditation

11. Sacred Geometry in human body, nature and relationship with number, energy and vibrations (light/sound)

12. Learn how to view Feng Shui using energy and rearrange energy to improve home Feng Shui

Level 2 Online Dates: July 9 to Aug 27, 2022 (every sat for 8 consecutive weeks)

Target Age: 8 to 16 years old

Tuition: Original Price HK$30,000, Special Price HK$19,999 (or equivalent) per child by June 25, 2022

Replay will be available.

​​Pre-requisite: ATII Level 1

email: or whatsapp +852 6052-4585

ATII Jan 2022 Online Class Highlights


Train Yourself to read with blindfold on

Superpower Film – Ignite your intuitive intelligence

《Superhuman: The Invisible Made Visible》Official Trailer

ICU - Children With REAL SuperPowers (Third Eye)

Dan Winter explains the brainwave science of third eye, direct inner vision (19:45 mins mark)

Brain Wave Science -

Seeing Without Their Eyes

Dr. Jacob Liberman: You are not your mind

Payment Instructions:

Transfer from other local banks

· Bank Name: The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited

· Bank code: 004

· Branch code: 165

· Bank account number (HKD): 819285-838


Transfer from other overseas bank by Telegraphic Transfer

· Bank Name: The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited

· The address of our Hong Kong Office: 1 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong


· The beneficiary's account number: 165-819285-838

· The beneficiary's name: WEALTHY ENTERPRISE (HK) LIMITED.

· Please also instruct the sending bank to send us their payment instruction by SWIFT MT103 with full payment details and reimbursement instruction.

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最近有一些朋友表示錯過了年初的兔年大勢預測課程,但想了解多些關於奇門,環境能量及感應力學,來提升自己及公司的表現。 2023年6月6日剛入戊午月都天煞,之后6月21日夏至一陰生,奇門遁甲由陽遁轉陰遁的日子,有什麼需要注意⚠️?而奇門立春盤就行完開休生🚪,進入傷門……好快就正式入埋九運(2024-2024), 九運大勢係點? 全世界人都係就受集体潛意識影响,但絕大部份人都唔知。一般風水係無講人嘅

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