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Awakening the Intuitive Intelligence for Children

Human beings possess enormous potentials. All those incredible abilities such as, Blindfold Reading, Clairvoyance and Telepathy that most ordinary people described as "superpower", are actually our innate abilities which are much more powerful than artificial intelligence.

We have successfully held several Awakening the Intuitive Intelligence programs in English/Cantonese/Putonghua online and offline with students based in Hong Kong, China, Canada, Indonesia, India and Malaysia, etc.


•Children can develop both left and right brains to achieve heart-brain coherence and remove their limiting beliefs!

•Today we have information overflow. Many children have spent too much time on devices and lose their innate abilities. By igniting their intuitive intelligence, they can choose what are right for them, including food, plants, animals, books that they resonate with and also open up their mind to the invisible energy world.

• Children can make good use of their time to develop their intuitive intelligence to complement with school education. Eg can do better in exam such as multiple choices, become more efficient in reading books and retain knowledge, can even ask her higher self or guardian angels questions.

•Some parents reported that their children not only able to read with blindfold but also see aura and perceive energy. Some can even communicate with crystals, animals and plants.

•Some children also reported that they saw sacred geometries and energies in their dreams which they did not understand before.

•I have also witnessed our students becoming more confident, outspoken and creative.

On March 10, 2022, we had an online introduction to explain the details about our program and answer questions. Previous students also shared their learning experience.

REPLAY of Online Introduction with Q&A on March 10, 2022 and highlights of class videos

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最近有一些朋友表示錯過了年初的兔年大勢預測課程,但想了解多些關於奇門,環境能量及感應力學,來提升自己及公司的表現。 2023年6月6日剛入戊午月都天煞,之后6月21日夏至一陰生,奇門遁甲由陽遁轉陰遁的日子,有什麼需要注意⚠️?而奇門立春盤就行完開休生🚪,進入傷門……好快就正式入埋九運(2024-2024), 九運大勢係點? 全世界人都係就受集体潛意識影响,但絕大部份人都唔知。一般風水係無講人嘅

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