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Sat, Jun 17


Zoom Meeting

Online Master Course - Controlling Environmental Energy

Mastering Environmental Energy (Environmental Energy Mastery) - Xingjia Feng Shui, clearing negative energy, self-healing, and jointly improving collective potential consciousness! Self-practice, enhance the environment and your own energy, simple and direct! Unleash the maximum potential of the unity of man and house!!

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Online Master Course - Controlling Environmental Energy
Online Master Course - Controlling Environmental Energy

Time & Location

Jun 17, 2023, 4:30 PM – 7:30 PM GMT+8

Zoom Meeting


About the Event

Five Arts Academy

Environmental Energy Mastery Online Course

Date: 1 session, with 30 days of video replay

Saturday, June 17, 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Harmonious environmental energy starts with Xingjia Feng Shui, combined with self-healing by clearing negative energy, together we can improve the collective subconscious!

• If you currently have problems with health, emotions, relationships, career, money, etc., have you ever thought about how it is related to the environmental energy/feng shui of where you live and work, the collective subconscious of mankind, and the thoughts and behaviors that are released by oneself?

• For example, if someone has a long-term serious chronic disease or emotional problems, or is unlucky for a long time, you can find the corresponding Xingsha in the place where they live and work. Your inner self will reflect your outer self, which I call the unity of man and house. You can think in reverse, what problems have occurred in your home or office environment?

• In fact, you are exchanging energy and information with the magnetic field/energy field of the environment and all living things including humans, animals, plants, and furnishings all the time! Therefore, different buildings, floor plans, designs, and furnishings will have different associations with the people in the house. The key is how to adjust the energy of yourself and the environment, live in harmony with the environment, and achieve a win-win situation!

• Every visible energy such as shape, color, quantity and invisible energy such as sound, smell, wind, electromagnetic waves, radiation waves, etc., positive or negative energy, carries different energy, and its size, distance and angle will affect everyone and everything.

• Most Feng Shui masters only talk about Feng Shui and human destiny, but do not talk about how human emotions and collective subconsciousness interact with environmental energy/Feng Shui, so they have no solution!

• The recent homicides of carrot soup, electric saw and Hollywood Plaza, plus MMA street fights and knife attacks in Ngau Chi Wan, Wong Tai Sin and Tuen Mun, have all been widely reported on the Internet. If we do not clear out this negative energy and thinking in time and work together to change our collective subconscious, the situation will become more and more serious!

For this to happen, the cooperation of heaven, earth and man is necessary, and none of them can be missing.

Destiny cannot be chosen or controlled, but the earth and people can be controlled. However, many people ignore the shape evil, invisible radiation and electromagnetic waves, which affect the environment and people's behavior, thoughts and emotions. The evil can be outside or inside the house, generally including corner evil, wall knife, saw tooth, saw blade evil and power tower. Most people only pay attention to the shape evil, but in fact it also includes electromagnetic waves, light evil, Yin evil, sound evil, wind evil and smell evil.

In addition, if you carry out construction, renovation or other groundbreaking work at an inappropriate time and location, you may offend the Five Yellows, Three Evils, Tai Sui and Wu Ji Du Tian Sha.

Xingjia Feng Shui focuses on avoiding and neutralizing evil (balancing/harmonious energy) first, transforming negative energy in the environment, and pursuing good fortune second.

To solve this problem in the long term, everyone needs to improve their awareness and pay attention to the thoughts and emotions they emit, especially if you notice negative thoughts/emotions/energy that do not belong to you. Please cut cords as soon as possible, cleansing, and then energizing, because negative energy can accumulate, affecting yourself, your family, colleagues and the collective subconscious, and in turn pollute the environment, including where you live, work and frequent places. We all live in the same energy field and cannot be immune!

Appearances are determined by the mind, and circumstances change with the mind. Even if there are problems with the current Feng Shui/environmental energy, if you do more good deeds and pray for blessings, you can transform negative energy into good energy. In this way, even if blessings have not yet arrived, at least misfortunes will be far away from me!

Some people are unaware or slow to realize it, but it is better to be aware of it and take the initiative to control the energy of the environment and create your own destiny! !

Xingjia Feng Shui, clearing negative energy, self-healing, and improving collective subconsciousness

Suitable for everyone to participate, we hope everyone can contribute, especially architects, designers, developers and urban planners, etc.

In this 3-hour online course, Master Au will teach you:

• Self-developed AUCHEMY harmonious energy method, energy world and Feng Shui operation

• Effectively enhance consciousness, transform personal and environmental low-frequency energy into high-frequency positive energy, balance the energy of thoughts, emotions, body and spirituality, produce changes from within, achieve harmony and unity with the external environment that influences each other, inspire maximum potential, and achieve various life and business goals.

• Feng Shui of the shape family? That is, the head, refers to the external and internal environment of the house, including the Azure Dragon on the left, the White Tiger on the right, the Vermillion Bird in front, and the Black Tortoise in the back.

• Live and work in peace and contentment? Are you looking for a house locally or abroad, for self-use or investment?

• Good fortune? You can predict whether it will happen even if you don’t drive Luogeng. Will it bring good fortune to men or women? Will you make money or lose money?

• External zodiac signs? Such as road collision, wall knife, reverse bow, etc., to help you avoid financial loss, accidents, disputes and disasters!

• How to ward off evil and use items to effectively transform and balance energy?

• How to use different tools to test invisible energy, including evil spirits, electromagnetic waves, etc.?

• How to remove negative energy and repair your own energy? Energy Vampire, Cut Cords, Protection Shield, etc.

• How to improve awareness/consciousness, especially if you notice negative thoughts/emotions/energy that do not belong to you, you should cut cords and clean up as soon as possible to avoid polluting the environment, including where you live, work and frequent places, and affecting yourself/family/colleagues and the collective subconscious

• A large number of practical cases shared in Hong Kong and overseas!

For more details, please watch the Five Arts Lecture: Introduction to Environmental Energy

Short video explaining Feng Shui of Xingjia

•The energy exchange price for this online course is HK$1,200. Register before June 15th and enjoy the special price of only HK$888 !

•Open a Whatsapp group to share after-school experiences! [Priceless! ]

•Sign up now!!!

Understand the environmental energy trends, follow the trends, avoid unnecessary mistakes, and you will naturally achieve twice the result with half the effort!

It is best to find a favorable location for your home or office. After the energy is enhanced, all aspects will be improved immediately! If you want to move house/office, it is best to find a good Feng Shui building in the ninth period of the Nine Periods, which will be prosperous for 20 years or more!

Terms and Conditions

- All activities are non-refundable.

- All events are non-rescheduling.

- Participants may transfer their rights to participate in the event to other persons.

- 100% satisfaction guarantee (applicable to online live courses only) - If you are not satisfied with the course within 1 hour after the course starts, you can choose to withdraw from the course without providing any reason, and Wealthy Enterprise (HK) Limited will refund 100% of the tuition fee.

- Detailed terms and conditions


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    $888 before June 11, 2023, $1,200 after, with 30 days of recorded replay!

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