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香港風水過去,現在,未來 - Master Stephen Au| 五術講場 - 區卓裕






05:36 - 10:45 香港地理風水簡介

11:18 - 12:56 解釋風水學上的三元九運,現在八運及未來九運的現象

16:47 - 24.22 從歷史及風水角度看香港過去,現在,未來

HK Feng Shui Past, Present and Future

Hong Kong Island was ceded in 1842. Since then HK has developed from a village into an international financial center. What are the reasons behind HK’s success from Feng Shui perspective?

HK is called the Pearl of the Orient. However, HK has gone thru major changes since June last year. Has it past the golden age? Where is HK heading? We will first discuss the geography of Hong Kong, or “Form” Feng Shui, then we will look into the “Math” part.

In Classic Feng Shui, there is a theory of 3 metacycles (upper, middle, lower) and 9 periods. Each cycle is 180 years and each period is 20 years. Currently, HK is in the 8 period (2004-2023) of the lower cycle and we are already in transition to 9 period (2024-2043) . We will not only look at the past and present, but also the future of HK.

As HK is approaching the 180 years cycle in 2022, how should you position yourself? Which districts in HK will be more prosperous in the future? Which industries will outperform? What are the future trends?

05:36 - 10:45 Hong Kong Feng Shui 11:18 - 12:56 3 Metacycles and 9 Periods 16:47 - 24.22 Past, Present and Future of HK

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